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Introducing The Consumer Insights & Charting Program
The Program That Instantly Translates 
Data Into Information

  • This amazing program generates literally hundreds of consumer insights and succinctly summarizes them in hyperlinked Excel files and PowerPoint reports which can be customized based on a client's aesthetic preferences and analytical needs. 

  • Both the Excel files and PowerPoint presentations produced by the program can be modified based on a client’s aesthetic preferences and analytical needs and both contain a hyperlinked table of contents for the quick accessing of information 

  • The PowerPoint Presentations were specifically designed so that complicated research information could be made easily assessable to both researchers and non-researchers alike. This was accomplished through the use a question-and-answer format, presentation-ready charts, and a glossary which explains key media and marketing terms in the context of the analyses that were performed.

  • Additionally, The Consumer Insights & Charting Program uses sophisticated analytical and statistical techniques (e.g. regression & odds ratios) that were specifically designed to avoid many of the fallacious assumptions that underpin many (if not most) media and market research analyses.

  • To find out more about "D'Amico Associates, The Consumer Insights & Charting Program, the questions addressed by this program, or the fallacious assumptions (i.e., fallacies) that often underpin media and market research analyses, click on the appropriate link below:
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