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Questions Addressed

When working with syndicated databases, following are just some of the literally hundreds of questions that can be addressed by New Age’s Insights & Charting Program:

  • How loyal are my brand's users?
  • How does my brand's loyalty rate compare to the loyalty rates of other brands in the category?
  • Which brands show the greatest interaction with my brand?
  • Which competing brands are my brand's users using at a disproportionately high rate? Disproportionately low rate?
  • Which brands pose the greatest threat to my brand in the marketplace?
  • Which brands represent the greatest opportunity for future growth?
  • Which publications, websites, and TV programs
          -Have the greatest reach against my brand's users? 
          -Have the highest index with respect to my brand's users? 
          -Best predict brand usage?
  • What are the demographic, psychographic, and media profiles of my brand's users?

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