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About D'Amico Associates
D'Amico Associates was founded by Ted D'Amico.  Ted has a doctorate in neuropsychology and more than 30 years experience working for some of the largest advertising agencies (FCB/Leber Katz Partners, J. Walter Thompson) and research companies (VNU, MRI & Ipsos). 

Ted uniquely combines the disciplines of science, statistics, media, marketing, advertising and computer programming and has extensive experience in designing and analyzing both custom and syndicated research. During the course of his career, Ted has developed innovative approaches and "expert" computer programs for identifying consumer insights, segmenting markets, selecting media vehicles, quantifying brand loyalty, evaluating brand equity, and summarizing voluminous amounts of research data. 

Ted has published numerous articles and has made numerous presentations relating to:
The correspondence between magazine and TV data 
New approaches for profiling brands and evaluating competitive strengths and weaknesses
The targeting of the mature market
The relationship between qualitative measures and reading frequency 
The problems associated with demographic variables to define target audiences
The use of physiological measures to evaluate commercial effectiveness

About Ted D'Amico, Ph.D.
D'Amico Associates is a company that specializes in the development of "expert" analytical systems for the processing of advertising, media, marketing and pharmaceutical research data. In addition to developing the "Consumer Insights and Charting Program" which is ideally suited for ad agencies, advertisers, and media and research companies, D'Amico Associates specializes in:

Designing and developing expert computer programs for Tracking Studies
Designing and developing new research products
Automating time-consuming and labor intensive research procedures
Defining target markets
Uncovering consumer insights
Pinpointing key selling propositions for brands and media vehicles
Determining the key correlates of brand usage
Developing demographic, psychographic and brand profiles
Selecting media vehicles