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The Consumer Insights & Charting Program

YouTube Videos
To help you better understand Consumer Insights & Charting Program and the Characteristics of an Ideal Consumer Insights Study, I have put together a series of YouTube videos. To find out more about Consumer Insights & Charting Program and the characteristics of an ideal consumer insights study, click on the appropriate link below:

     Program Benefits
  • Summarizes all the data in the analysis
  • Determines the top analytical groups for each question by response
  • Enables the user to compare any analytical groups to determine the measures that maximally differentiate the two groups 
  • Determines whether group differences are statistically significant at various levels of statistical significance
  • Determines how well each measure predicts whether people use a given brand or belong to a given analytical group
  • Develops brand /group profiles based on sophisticated statistical and analytical approaches
  • Provides share and loyalty estimates for each brand in the analysis
  • Provides a fundamental understanding of the brand switching dynamics with respect to the target brand.
  • Enables you to analyze data in total or by category. For example, you can analyze the data by demographic measures, psychographic measures, finance measures, or automotive measures.
  • Determines the top measures for the target brand or group in total and for each category/topic with respect to 8 media metrics